Our rich heritage is filled with the pioneering and visionary spirit of our founder.

History & Heritage

The story of NASCO is a story of innovation, diversification and growth. Our rich heritage is filled with the pioneering and visionary spirit of our founder. The company started operations in 1963 with the establishment of a jute bag factory in the central city of Jos, Nigeria – the very first in sub-Saharan Africa. This was in response to the desire of the founding fathers of Nigeria on the eve of independence to meet the challenges for the effective bagging, storage and export of the large agricultural yields prevalent in the country. Investors from Europe, Asia and the Middle East were invited by the Federal Government to participate in the economic development of the new nation. An investment agreement was accordingly stipulated, paving the way for the formation of a company whose ambitious purpose was the development of industrial, agricultural, real estate and marine areas. Since then NASCO has been building a company whose values are deeply held – a commitment to people and communities, to quality and customer service, and to success in the marketplace and reinvestment in the business.

Successive generations have continued to grow the company and adapt the business as markets evolved, demonstrating the entrepreneurial flair and strength of purpose that is required for a business to survive half a century. Over this period, NASCO has achieved many milestones and contributed significantly to Nigeria’s rich agricultural and industrial heritage. With faith in the local economy, many new factories were established in diverse areas from food and household products to packaging materials and industrial chemicals. Today NASCO has become renowned for the quality of its products and for its ability to match product to demand. Our company is a leader in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry, and our brands are loved and trusted by millions of people from all walks of life. NASCO has also received numerous honours and accolades from heads of states, both in Nigeria and overseas, as well as from the United Nations. Our founder’s dream of a successful business driven by its people and its principles defines our extraordinary company today. This is the basis of our competitive advantage and regional growth. This is the story of NASCO.