NASCO maintains a strong commitment to global best practices in order to deliver consistent growth and sustainable profitability.


NASCO is a company of enduring strength with a solid financial base. This is due to the diversification of our revenues across various income groups, geographical areas and product categories. Our business model creates value by meeting the needs of our consumers, developing mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, and achieving cost leadership through procurement and operational efficiencies. Our advanced R&D facilities, economies of scale, and geographical reach enable us to transfer considerable cost savings to our customers. This highlights our commitment to producing high quality products that are affordable and accessible, while enabling healthy growth over the long-term.

NASCO’s strategy is to continue its successful approach by increasing manufacturing capacity to capitalise on the strong growth in consumer spending in sub-Saharan Africa. Our company will continue to invest in research and technology to drive transformation throughout the business, while reinforcing our brands and leveraging them into new categories. We will also strengthen our market presence, particularly in areas with above-average growth potential. We aim to further extend the diversity, skill base and international exposure of all our employees. With a clear vision for the future and a strong commitment to global best practices, NASCO is poised to continue to deliver consistent growth and sustainable profitability.