Meet Our People

NASCO is made up of thousands of diverse people, but they all share a common goal to build leading brands that delight our customers every day. They are proud to be part of an organization that lives by its principles, practices sustainability and supports its communities. All this has further increased the levels of commitment and loyalty that our staff have towards the company. Therefore, find out directly from some of our employees what it is like to work at NASCO.  Meet the individuals that already share our passion for excellence, innovation and teamwork, and get an insight into their career paths at NASCO.

NASCO People

Dominic Pam, Human Resources

“NASCO is truly a special place to work because it makes all its employees feel valued and appreciated.  My department focuses on ensuring that our people have all the necessary tools, training and incentives to perform to the peak of their abilities.”

Bala Saleh, Operations & Production

“I am proud to have been a part of the NASCO family for more than 20 years.  I have a passion for our brands and spend much of my time close to the production lines to ensure the quality and efficiency of all our operations.”

Lawrence Emeruem, Finance

“As a finance professional, I was attracted to NASCO because of its rich heritage and its corporate values of integrity, excellence and customer service.  The variety of work here is incredible, and it means that no two days are the same for me.”

Amara Uluoacha, Procurement

“Working in the Procurement Department at NASCO has exposed me to a whole new world.  It is really exciting to deal with suppliers from so many different countries, while trying to source quality materials at the best price to give us a competitive advantage.”

Shakir Mohammed, Supply Chain

“Being part of the Supply Chain team, I work with a number of different departments across the entire Group. However, we all share the same objectives of enhancing our operations and driving the business forward.”

Ramadoss Shanmugam, Information Technology

“NASCO has been a real home for me and my family for over 20 years; a place where I have been able to enjoy an immensely fulfilling career.  NASCO is keen on being at the forefront of technology, and I have been privileged with the task of leading the company through its various process transformations.”

Hassan Buba, Technical & Engineering

“I am responsible for the efficient running of my factory’s machinery and equipment. The great diversity of people at NASCO makes it a fascinating place to work, as well as a place where I have made many lasting friendships.”

Sambo Goshu, Information Technology

“The experiences and opportunities available at NASCO are amazing. Every day I learn something new, and the support from my managers and colleagues has allowed me to develop many additional skills in my field.”

Abier Al-Jeboury, Quality Assurance

“I spend my days testing and analysing our vast range of products, with a clear goal of ensuring that our high standards of quality are never compromised. Dedication to quality is a key part of our corporate culture at NASCO.”

Stephen Adetolu, Graduate Trainee

“The opportunities NASCO provides have been beyond what I could have ever imagined. As a new recruit, the training and mentoring that I received were extremely valuable for my personal and professional development.  In addition, it’s a really fun place to work!”

Simon Ekwa, Internal Audit

“NASCO is a great place to build a career, and I have been able to achieve a number of promotions in a short space of time. Moreover, I am really proud to be part of a company that believes in sustainable development and strives to make a positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged communities.”

Kenneth Iorver, Sales Representative

“The atmosphere at NASCO is extremely welcoming, and you are given all the necessary tools and support to prosper in such a rewarding marketplace. As a Sales Rep, I have the unique opportunity to become a successful businessman, while contributing to the overall growth of the company in many new places.”