NASCO is a champion of Nigerian agriculture and sources much of its grains from local farmers.

Responsible Sourcing

NASCO has developed a sustainable procurement roadmap to encompass environmentally friendly and ethical business practices into our purchasing processes. Our values at NASCO ensure that all factors related to sustainability are taken into account when buying decisions are made. We maintain stringent quality standards and expect the same from all of our suppliers, regardless of where they are based. We understand that with a fast-growing global population, there is a need to produce as much food as possible and to ensure that this is done sustainably.

NASCO is proud to be the champion of Nigerian agriculture by sourcing as much of its grains from local farmers. Our company is actively involved in the Federal Government Policy of backward integration, which encourages and supports regional farms. We have invested substantially in large tracts of farmland to directly engage farmers for the supply of grains to our NASCO Riceco processing plant. Through such assistance, the revenue that is generated feeds back into rural communities and creates further benefits. Our key objective is to empower and develop the capacity of local farming communities, boost national food security and widen export earnings via agricultural production.