Graduate Programme

The Graduate Programme is an innovative scheme designed for recent university graduates and NYSC members to obtain a fulfilling experience here at NASCO. This fast-track management programme takes participating employees through several rotations across our various units and departments. It is an individually customized development plan that is designed to advance ambitious graduates into top management roles. The programme will equip you with the tools, coaching, mentoring and learning opportunities necessary to achieve and exceed your objectives and to perform to your maximum potential.

NASCO is constantly looking for talented people with strong academic backgrounds from leading educational institutions. We are searching for the next generation of original thinkers who will lead the business in the future. We are very selective with this programme because of what we offer to our trainees in return. You will be given a real job with real responsibility from the first day, so it is essential that you have the skills and potential to succeed. You will also receive a very attractive salary, fantastic benefits and an experienced mentor to ensure you receive all the support and guidance you need to excel. So start your career at a company that is considered by many as one of the best places to work!