Nigeria the 'Giant of Africa'

Nigeria, a federal constitutional republic, is a key emerging market and a regional powerhouse on the African continent.

Country Statistics

Major Cities

Lagos – 17 million  Kano – 11 million  Ibadan – 3.6 million  Port Harcourt 2.4 million  Abuja (Capital) 2.1 million


43.8% (0-14 years)  53.2% (15-64 years)  3% (65+ years)


World’s 6th largest producer & 8th largest exporter of crude oil Top 5 cocoa bean producing country in the world


Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa (World Bank 2014).


Nigeria has 36 states and a Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.


Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa (United Nations 2015).

McKinsey & Company

Extract from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) report:
Lions On The Move – Realizing the Potential of Africa’s Economies

Africa as a whole is projected by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to be the world’s second fastest-growing economic region by 2020.

The region has robust long-term economic fundamentals. In an aging world, Africa has the advantage of a young and growing population, and will soon have the fastest urbanization rate in the world.

Strong growth in consumer and B2B spending makes Africa a very exciting market. Local and global firms that tailor their offerings to the continent’s diverse consumer segments and business clusters have a tremendous opportunity for profitable growth.

Africa could nearly double its manufacturing output from $500 billion today to $930 billion in 2025, provided countries take decisive action to create an improved environment for manufacturers.

The continent has 400 companies with revenue of more than $1 billion per year, and these companies are growing faster, and are more profitable in general than their global peers.