A strong commitment to our local communities has always been a major driver of our performance.

Community Involvement

Being a force for good in the community was an important part of our founder’s vision when NASCO was first established. Since then, a strong commitment to our local communities has always been a major driver of our performance. Every day millions of people use our products to fulfil a part of their needs for a better life. In doing so, they have helped us grow and become one of the pre-eminent Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies in the region. Furthermore, NASCO has a genuine commitment to the advancement of peaceful coexistence, as well as the promotion of socio-economic growth and development in the nation. Our company has sponsored, supported and participated in numerous peace missions with local communities, government agencies and non-governmental organizations. We also work closely with reputable charitable organizations that are transparent and have a track record of delivering life-changing programmes in deprived areas. Our CSR programmes mainly focus on the following five areas below.


Education is vital for the economic growth of a nation, and it is essential for ensuring the long-term development of poor communities.  We support access to educational opportunities by promoting and sponsoring formal and vocational education through reputable institutions.


Poverty and ill-health often go hand in hand, either because of a lack of healthcare services or due to the absence of general awareness.  We assist organizations that provide healthcare services and awareness training, with a strong emphasis on caring for mothers and children.

Safe Water

The importance of clean water cannot be overstated.  We support organizations that help to improve the health of communities by increasing access to clean and sustainable water and sanitation facilities, as well as increasing knowledge of hygiene practices.

Orphan Welfare

Children who have lost their parents or who face extraordinary challenges such as conflict and displacement may struggle to meet their basic rights.  We work with organizations that provide support and comprehensive welfare programmes to orphans and other vulnerable children to help them realise their full potential.


Ensuring people can make a living is key to helping them move out of poverty.  The long-term purpose of our programmes is to help organizations that focus on alleviating poverty, while increasing the economic, social and physical capacity of communities to sustain their livelihoods.